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I am Josh Taylor, owner of Rockfish Boats. I have a mechanical engineering degree from Baylor University, and I have spent most of my professional career working as a design and structures engineer in aerospace. I am now applying those engineering principles to the world of hunting, fishing and outdoor adventure to create the most capable shallow-water boats you'll ever own. 


We offer high performance boats that are designed to run extremely shallow and endure levels of abuse most people wouldn't believe. We use inboard jet-driven propulsion and up to 1/4 inch thick premium aluminum alloy construction with densely cross-linked substructure and UHMW hull protection.


Here's the bottom line: You can trust our boats to take you where others cannot go. Our boats are built for the avid outdoorsman who isn't satisfied brushing shoulders at the community fishing hole. We can help you escape the circus. Remember what it was like to find an awesome new spot on the water for the first time? It's time to rediscover the excitement. Let us build the boat of your dreams!

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