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Hull Design

The shape of a boat's hull is the very first consideration when designing for a mission. We use a single-piece delta hull which provides a flat surface at the back for shallow planing, and a V shape at the front for a more comfortable ride. Our thick bottom panels extend all the way forward to the front of the boat. This brings the strongest and thickest panel of the boat to bear as forward collision protection.

Rockfish Boats Hull Design
Rockfish Boats Sub Structue


A dense lattice of cross-linked stringers and ribs provide important reinforcement for a boat which is likely to experience frequent contact with rocks, stumps and other underwater obstructions.


We can accommodate a variety of powerplants for each of our boats. 

Rockfish Boats Powerplant

Material Science

It's impossible to understate the importance of material selection. That's why we use 5086 alloy aluminum for all external panels on our boats. Most other aluminum boat manufacturers use cheaper alloys, thus sacrificing corrosion resistance and/or strength. It is also important to understand the application-specific constraints for each part of the boat when selecting materials. For example, one may think they are improving construction by using a higher strength 6061-T6 bottom plate but that alloy is less ductile, and therefore more susceptible to cracking rather than flexing & absorbing the energy of an impact. This is one more reason to trust our engineered boats rather than allowing yourself to become another boatbuilder's "trial and error" lesson.

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