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Rockfish Aluminum Jet Boat
Rockfish Boats
Here's why we opt for an inboard jet drive:


  • Our boats are highly powered for serious work & fun

  • Small outboard boats are power-restricted at the transom by both USCG Regulation and practical physics 

  • Inboard engine center of mass location allows for a bigger engine without the drawbacks of aft-heavy outboards

  • This means quicker planing

  • More power equals more control & maneuverability


  • Inboard jet intake is flush welded to the boat

  • Inboard jet intake impacts aren't transferred to the engine as with outboard jets

  • Engine is mounted securely to substructure


  • Axial flow pumps are generally preferable for efficiency over wide RPM range, preferable for durability, hook-up, multi-stage options, etc.

  • Faster nozzle-controlled turning (engine remains stationary)

  • Larger intake surface area is less affected by rocks & debris

  • Widely available stomp grates for easily clearing debris.


  • Fully open access to enter/exit the boat from the swim deck

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