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Key Features

Compact Size

The perfect size for pushing limits and exploring new water! Here are the design constraints: 

  1. Had to be large enough to comfortably stand and fish from the front & back decks 

  2. Room for seating on a cooler in front of the console

  3. Space for weekend camping gear with 2-3 people

  4. No larger than necessary to accomodate constraints 1-3.


  • As a hunting & fishing boat we wanted a moderately low profile​ to easily land fish and enter/exit the boat from the swim deck

  • Center console allows the captian to drive from a sitting or standing position and remain centrally located in the boat. This helps when navigating around rocks and obstructions


This boat operates very well with 120-200 HP. At the lower power limit you can expect:

  • Never struggle to plane quickly with friends and gear

  • Excellent maneuvarability & control

  • Top speeds of 40+ MPH


We offer a variety of options including:

  • Steering Wheel or Stick Steer

  • Hand or Finger Throttle

  • UHMW hull protection

  • Bow-mounted winch

  • Trolling motor

  • LED Light Bar

  • SeaDek

  • Powdercoat finish

  • Custom Vinyl Wrap


  • Overall Length      14 ft

  • Bottom Width        48 in

  • Beam                    71 in

  • Deadrise               10 deg

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